By Angel Torres

Images La Rodadora

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the ‘La Rodadora (The Tumbleweed) Interactive Space Museum’, the photographic exhibition ‘Infancia’ (Childhood) by Isabel Muñoz was inaugurated.

‘Infancia’ is a project about hope and the future that shows us, through 30 photographs, the cultural differences and adversities that children from around the world confront.
This exhibition, inaugurated by the museum’s director Karen Alamo and different government representatives, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and seeks to
raise awareness among people from the border about the importance of respecting and caring for the youngest and most vulnerable.
The Secretary of Culture ‘Alas y Raíces’ program in collaboration with UNICEF present these wonderful portraits each with a story to tell and, as the author says: “CHILDHOOD is a sweet experience but in many cases, hard and atrocious.”
This exhibition is free and will be up starting August 10 to October 1.