By MCH Arq. Rafael González Alejo.

Images Rafael González Alejo.

Mineral de Pozos, in Guanajuato State

In the state of Guanajuato, there are different villages with plenty traditions and folk, one of them is the village of Mineral de Pozos. It’s found after a few kilometers of the city San Luis de la Paz, the Government of México had catalogated as Magic Town. 

The streets are made of stones; there are old houses in the borders, constructions of the time of mineral prosperity, is a town inhabitated by a few people, so that’s why we could call it too a ghost town, the extraction of the minerals in the region has diminished. There are three little squares really lovely, each one is different, they are rounded by antique constructions of XVIII and XIX centuries, that provide a nice atmosphere. Plenty houses have their own cortyards with pots and the diversity of their flowers create a great colorful. You can breathe the scent of their perfume.

Some estates had been fixed in a lovely way, the courtyards were improved with semidesertic threes, in others the bougainvillea offer a color party. The tall walls that provide shadows to the courtyards favor the development of the plants. There are old houses that were inhabitated before by the mines administrators, in the actuality the new owners, had conditioned them to receive guests of many parts of the world, wishing to be in a quiet place, where the cars are weird to find and the people walk with no hurry.    

In the streets, alleys and squares, there can be contemplated the facades of the Porfiriato Architecture, conserved in really good conditions. Some houses are framed with baked bricks, other are ornamented and riveted with cornices of pink stones. In the larger square, there is an aluminum roof of the antique miners built with materials imported from Galveston, EUA, its supported by iron posts. Under this roof, you can walk and enjoy the typical constructions of the antique México that are around.

Each street has interesting visual rivets, as San Pedro church, were the spanish miners attended mass. The main square has an iron kiosk with benchs of the same material, others are covered with little stones, forming different drawings of deers and flowers. In one of the corners of the main square, there is sold delicious ice cream that is manufactured in an artisanal way by the locals.

The restaurants use some antique houses where you can enjoy the typical gastronomy of the place. Is a village that allows to enjoy it walking it in it’s totality, discovering romantic corners, where the Architecture has stopped in time. There exist many national artists and foreigners that had found in Mineral de Pozos their residence place, where they make expositions of their artistical pieces of painting a sculpture.