By Pedro Molotla

Images Javier Gutierrez

It consists of a tour covering the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon; a show that is “bathed” with seven bright scenarios.

The opportunity to visit the Archeological Site of Teotihuacan and enjoy the sound and light show called “Experiencia Nocturna” is unique. The Ministry of Tourism, and organizer of this event, began functions on March 25 of this year.

The program consists of a 500 meters circuit in the northern part of the Calzada de los Muertos: it begins in front of the Pyramid of the Sun reaching all the way to the Pyramid of the Moon, and from there it returns to the starting point. The fascinated spectators, seated at one of the steps, enjoyed the majestic audiovisual show.

Thanks to the invitation made by the Ministry of Culture of the State Government of Mexico, we had a tour with a panoramic view that one rarely get to enjoy: walking the northern stretch between the two great pyramids under a full moon hiding and revealing itself through the clouds, while contemplating the practically empty road, without the crowds that visit every week such an important archaeological site.

Thus, in this scenario and using available audio guide at the entrance, we stopped in each of the ten stations on the route to hear the information from the sites of interest related to relevant dates and events of the archaeological site, which, for this show, it is “bathed” with seven luminous environments bringing an atmosphere full of color, contrasting with the stillness of the night. I’m not the type of person who dresses in white to go to recharge energy to the pyramids, but I must admit that, between that silence and darkness, the stone colossi impressed me. Besides, I remembered the legend of the Fifth Sun who taught me at school, my fellow classmates climbing as uniformed ants the Pyramid of the Sun, when children were still allowed to climb up to the top. I also thought about that photo where Jim Morrison, the Lizard King, touches the jaws of the Feathered Serpent. Then my mind jumped in time: I figured those men who defied the heights placing each construction piece in its place.

After the route, we came back to the starting point and prepared for the big show that is based on a technique called video mapping, which uses one of the faces of the Pyramid of the Sun as a large screen, allowing the reflection of high-resolution pictures without affecting its structure.

The 32-minute video tells the story of Teotihuacan and the civilization that managed to build such an important city. The images, together with the audio guide, took us to the beginnings of the settlement with the arrival of the first settlers coming from the Valley of Mexico, through the cultural and economic development that led them to form one of the most populated cities of antiquity and which subsequently the Mexicas would praise with processions and visits. It was them who named it “City of the Gods” because in their view, such a beautiful city could only have been built by divine beings.

Projected images form a colorful mosaic that delineates the pyramid using shapes and objects characteristic of Teotihuacan, supplemented with drawings and images that take us to the glorious past and the mysterious decline of this civilization.

Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays are the days when you can attend this spectacle in one of the most important sites in Mexico. Anyone seeking fun and a genuine aesthetic and cultural experience, shouldn’t miss visiting the old gods in a delightful moon night.