By  MCH. Arq. Rafael González Alejo

Image Juan Pablo Contreras

In the state of Coahuila, México, there is one of the places that take importance because of the nature conceived in order to their wetlands. In Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila there are water fields that are turquoise color. The name Ciénega is because that place has smooth mud that forms deposits in most part in lagoons of low deep, keeping the humidity of the zone. There are distributed in almost a magic form, the beautiful of the landscape takes value contrasting with the environment of grasslands, the desert and the mountain.

The water is crystalline, it allows the view into the wetland. There exist endemic species in the region, as the hinge turtle, in addition to a fish diversity and plants. The quantity of water is product of the rain water capture, that forms the Ciénegas. Is the kidness of the nature that has otorgated to us so beautiful natural landscapes.

Its important visiting this place, because being in contact with the nature, motivate  and comfort us. It’s an structure of wetlands, rivers, lagoons that form a great spectacle.  We can go back in time to the origin of the life, as a time capsule, we could imagine how the first habitants of the site were in direct contact with nature, crossing by and taking just the necessary for keeping preserving it. We can dream seeing the prehistoric animals walking in the site for drinking water and refresh for continue their way. Your imagination must fly with fantasy, because it’s a place that feeds all souls.