Arte y Cultura

Text and photography: Ángel Torres

A collection composed by 22 art pieces, are part of the gallery of the La Rodadora Museum now that the temporary exhibition “Sebastian Escultor” has been inaugurated.

This, as part of the 50 years celebration of the trajectory of the famous Chihuahua sculptor, who has made around 250 sculptures in different parts of the world.

A fine cocktail with jazz music in the background was prepared for the occasion, in which the artist, in addition to the authorities of the three government levels, made the traditional ribbon cutting, but not before explaining in a simple way the important relationship between art, science and technology.

Dozens of guests walked around the room to admire 12 colorful bronze pieces, as well as 10 paintings that are part of Sebastian’s private collection called “Soledad” (Loneliness), art pieces that will be available to the public until February 18.