By Angel Torres
Images: Angel Torres

The Mexican Consulate of El Paso has been the link between the Government of Durango and the Mexican Cultural Paso del Norte to promote the culture and  to project a different image of our border.

Through the signing of a convention, which includes promoting cultural presentations, tourism and the economic to impulse a boost  of artists from Durango in El Paso, Texas and in the southeastern state of New Mexico to assist with the establishment of traditions in the communtiy.

Also, implementing  the new image of the State of Durango in various scenarios, as inspiring values of  our Mexican culture in order to foster pride in the community.

During a ceremony held at the Cafe Central in which it was atended by important guests such as  t Enrique Moreno, president of the Mexican Cultural Center Paso del Norte, the Secretary of Education of the State of Durango, Rubén Calderón Lujan, the Consulate General, Marcos Bucio which were handed  the keys of the City of El Paso, Texas to the Governor of Durango, Doctor José Aispuro Towers, by the representative of the District #7 Lily Lemon.