Text, photo and video: Francisco Jurado

Classical music is an art that does not know time, it has master compositions that have lived for centuries, but few make a violinist go deep on the strings of this instrument as it happened during the “Concert for violin and orchestra in D minor: of Aram Kachaturian.

Erika Dobosiewicz as a violin soloist, delighted us with complex and fast chords in her interpretation, but also in resting moments with soft tones that that fill the emotions in this beautiful work of art. Of Polish origin, Dobosiewicz has a brilliant career as a violinist that has led her to be awarded internationally.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the State of Chihuahua, in addition to playing Kachaturian with Dobosiewicz, also played a Johannes Brahms piece, Symphony No. 3 in F major and Op. 90, in four movements, who along with its director, the teacher Armando Pesqueira, was applauded in the ‘Teatro de los Heroes’ (Theater of the Heroes).