Arte y Cultura

Text and Photography: Jaime Torres Valadez

With the participation of outstanding international artists, the traditional “Flamenco Night” was held at the Ardovino’s Desert Crossing’s Sunset Hall in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

The event, organized by the Honorary Consul of Spain Martha Vera, was attended by more than one hundred participants from the border region, including the mayor of El Paso Dee Margo and his wife, businessmen, members of the Cultural Society of Spain, among other personalities.

“Today we are simply celebrating flamenco, our heritage here in New Mexico and El Paso,” said Consul Vera, visibly moved, minutes before the presentation of the artists who take their art to different corners of the world.

The singer Megan Chandler, the guitarist Jake Mossman, the dancer Carlos Montufar and the flamenco group of the New Mexico State University (NMSU Student Dancer) were part of the cast of the event.

Consul Vera emphasized that both states – Texas and Nuevo Mexico – were the cradle of that ‘beautiful’ mix of miscegenation. “Our grandparents settled here and that blood is here. We are all Spanish mestizos and we must never forget it, they are our roots and we must love them.”