By Angel Torres

Images Angel Torres

“I am in this career because it makes me happy and I have a lot of fun.”

“As an actor I am very disciplined: I dedicate time to what I do and I always think I can improve.”

Although he did not study an acting career, the necessity to express himself has been very strong. For Joaquín Cosío, acting is a matter of vocation, an activity that satisfies and fills him with enthusiasm.

From a young age, he ventured into the art of theater performance in Ciudad Juarez for 20 years, but it was in 2001 when he jumped into the professional field when he was invited to work with the National Theater Company of Mexico City.

During his last years in the border city he served as a university professor and staff. It was an important time for him but, during that time, he did not practiced his biggest passion. “I started doing what I like, to become an actor working with professional actores, hired where the directors called me. I left my city, my job which was a good job, and my family, but it was worth it.”

Joaquín Cosío Osuna was born in Tepic, Nayarit, and grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. For him, this borderland is a community for which he feels great affection and a deep yearning because is the place where he confronted and discovered his vocation by intuition.

After 16 years of having emigrated to the capital city of the country, this Mexican actor and poet has been able to consolidate himself in his work environment in a brilliant way with characters that have give him fame: Rubén “Mascarita” in Matando Cabos, Juan in Arráncame la vida, Chucho in Pastorela, and one of the most known, “El Cochiloco” in El Infierno. “Making a movie is a great adventure, winning a prize or being nominated, working with distinguished cast members and meeting actors that I have always admired has been very important to me.”

His tough personality, with which he portrays his characters very well, is opposed to the reality: talking to Joaquín inspires a lot of confidence, serenity and, above all, respecto. To define himself he expresses that “generally we see ourselves in a kind and generous way. I think that I am a normal person, I come from a family that had a difficult past but nothing to exceptional.”

As for being an actor, Cosío tells us that interpreting characters is a permanent aspiration: “the word ‘artist’ may have a lot of weight to apply it to my career because artists are world creators, in any case, I aspire to be an artist: I look forward on taking my work to extreme situations and I like to be little tolerant with what I do because I can always improve it. I am picky, but I also have fun.”