By Ángel Torres
Images Javier Gutiérrez

Ciudad Juarez is on the international scene after setting a new Guinness World Record since, from now on there has to be someone else who tries to dethrone the city and surpass the greatest number of people roasting meat simultaneously.
In order to achieve this “very norteño” challenge, the participation of 394 people and six tons of cooked meat in perfect conditions was necessary, which was validated by the Guinness personnel who gave a certificate with worldwide validity to the organizers.
The smell of coal, impregnated the Plaza de la Mexicanidad and turned it into a huge space for coexistence with this challenge of which there is no precedent. Music and contests were also enjoyed by the attendees.
It is important to note that this event was done following a study made in London in order to open this new category, which has been registered with a great taste and enthusiasm in the border city.