By Angel Torres

Images Javier Gutierrez

Gallardo was placed second in the Buick Chihuahua Open 2017 tournament, held at the Club Britania in the capital city of the state of Chihuahua.

Miguel Angel Gallardo Valles is a true warrior from Chihuahua, Mexico whose life has been connected to the racket since he was nine years old when he entered the tennis academy in the city if Monterrey, Mexico.

With 36 years of age and almost 20 seasons as a professional, Mike “Gallo” Gallardo, is living one of his best moments. In 2002, his outstanding participation in this sport placed him as the 189 best tennis player on the planet.

His strong dedication allowed him to be the national champion since he was 16, then more victories came: gold and bronze medallist of the Central American Games and bronze in the Pan American games, among many other victories. “Tennis is a very aesthetic sport, it also prepares you for life,” said Mike, number one in Mexico for eight years and former Davis Cup player for 13 consecutive years.

With less speed but more experience when hitting the ball, Mike creates a solvent tennis not any less spectacular and brilliant. “I try to play for my right and fight all the points. I always put my heart into the games, either if I win or lose. The mind helps me a lot.”

Two years after retiring from the world rankings, Miguel Ángel fully enjoys playing regardless of the outcome, while teaching clinics to build new and outstanding tennis players. “The young are pushing hard and also have a lot of quality,” adds who is still, definitely, the best tennis player that Chihuahua has given us.