Text: Angel Torres

“After touring this amazing facility, I felt like Southwest University needed to be part of the El Paso Children’s Hospital”, said the CEO of Southwest University Yolanda Arreola, after the announcement of the donation of 1.5 million dollars for the oncology program.

In an event held for the occasion and in the presence of important personalities, Cindy Stout, president of the El Paso Children’s Hospital, highlighted the philanthropic work of the educational institution, as well as what this donation represents for the community of El Paso, Texas.

In his message, Ted Houghton, president of the board of directors, commented that this donation will allow continuing to be at the forefront in the care of pediatric patients in El Paso.

“Today’s donation is the biggest private donation to El Paso Children’s Hospital on record, thanks to the generosity of Southwest University,” said Taylor Moreno, Director of Institutional Development. She also explained that the money will focus on establishing an endowment to ensure annual philanthropic support the purchase of new equipment and support in the area of clinical innovation.