Text: Ángel Torres

Photography: Guillermo Carrillo

A work that explores the sound produced by the corporal and rhythmic internal effort of its performers, the show called “Tan Solo” was presented. This presentation was organized by the Fundación Mascareñas (Mascareñas Foundation) within the Matices Culturales 2018 program.

It was through the rhythm of flamenco, that the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte (Paso del Norte Cultural Center) stage shuddered with this flamenco piece that explores is roots from its purest sense, devoid of ornaments and flourishes, as a bet to bring the viewer closer to the daily life of the work of a solo dancer.

Its protagonists, Manuel Reyes, considered the martyr of the compass, for his energy and precision and the dancer Erika Suarez, one of the greatest exponents of this art in the country, showed off their artistic expression that one can rarely have the opportunity to admire in Ciudad Juárez.