By Angel Torres

Images Jaime Torres

His paintings reflect a unique character, images that portray daily life moments and memories of family and travel.
This is “The Life of J”, a masterpiece of the painter and sculptor Jorge Polanco who, through 110 oil paintings, reflects his last seven years life experiences.
As an artist, his goal is to capture the exact moment, alive and intertwined from his own perspective, a real situation and a still life with objects of great relevance that have marked him.
Other paintings refer to great masters of history, in that way, his influence is honored to remind everyone that works of art keep us alive forever.
This newly opened exhibit at the El Paso International Museum of Art also includes some ceramic sculptures, which can be admired until August 31 at the museum located at 1211 Montana Street. You
can also see the works of this artist, who graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso, on his website at