By Ángel Torres Valadez

Images Juan Pablo Contreras

The Zion National Park is a natural reserve located in the state of Utah.

Between three to four hours on the road from Las Vegas, we can find this magical retreat, whose main attraction is called Zion Canyon, a ravine of 2624 ft deep formed by the Virgin River and extending up to 14 miles.

Other attractions are the Great White Throne, the Virgin River straits, and the Kolob Arch. In the area of ​​the Zion and Kolob canyons are nine geological formations with a dated age of 150 million years, which originated from sedimentations during the Mesozoic era. The story relates that it was a haven for the Mormon pioneers who gave the name inspired by the Bible.

Declared national park since 1919, this rocky paradise is home to stunning natural wonders and is the starting point for relaxing walks “to stretch your legs” or to thrill the adventurous with exciting escapades.

A world-class park as Zion offers many opportunities, both for those who visit it for the first time and for those who already did, since one can admire different plant and animal species. Squirrels, lizards and ibexes can be seen easily on this ride, plus 271 species of birds.

A variety of life zones and habitats make Zion a great place to hike, where enjoying the wildflowers during the summer and the bright color of the leaves in autumn, ideal for photography lovers, provides opportunities to explore colors, textures and lights.

The paved trail offers a free car road for cyclists who are willing to take the Zion Canyon Scenic Route. The best time to visit is late September or early October, when there is still good weather and the summer season had ended.

Surely, Zion is a great deep valley to discover. Its rocks contain all the orange shades you can imagine, from white to red. As its visitors describe it: It’s like an artist’s palette.