Text and photo: Ángel Torres

Oil and acrylic paintings that reflect an authentic work of art, are exhibited in the Mexican Consulate of El Paso gallery, under the name “Variaciones Visuales” (Visual Variations), by the artist Pedro Francisco.

With the presence of well-known personalities from the border and authorities, this exhibition worthy of admiration, was inaugurated, exposing the career of the outstanding artist born in Mexico City but adopted by the Juarez community, since his work is distinctive in several areas of Ciudad Juárez.

With a very large influx, the first 2018 cultural event by the Mexican Consulate together with the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte (Cultural Center Paso del Norte) was held. It also presented, before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the music performed by a trio conformed by Mary-Elizabeth Thomason on the flute, Jorge Martínez-Ríos on the viola and Hope Cowan on the harp. This work will be available to the public until February 28.