Text and images by Jose Antonio B. Amezcua.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest colonial cities Mexico has is Zacatecas. Its capital is located within an hour from Aguascalientes and about four and a half hours from Guanajuato.

As of today, Zacatecas is a city that offers an spectacular journey through its rich history. With an altitude of 2 thousand 460 meters, the city ranks second on the list of highest cities in the country.

In the XVII century, it served as a strategic mining center due to its silver streaks and other minerals that made the zone highly valued. One of its biggest mines is located in Fresnillo, also known as Villa de Plateros, which is interesting and convenient to visit because it is situated only 20 minutes from the capital.

For all this, it is my intention to transport a piece of this lovely city to the article, which undoubtedly reflects its charm on every majestic construction.

The cathedral is the mother of its baroque architecture that represents the jewel of the historic downtown or district of Zacatecas. Plus, there is also the famously known market that makes the zone one of the greatest places to nose around, to admire, and to get fascinated by the endless cultural richness. My amazement kept insisting by observing the structure of the roads and the urbanization of the city.

However, the cobbled streets wouldn’t stop inviting me to walk them and contemplate their brightness in every corner of this magical place. Important to mention that these roads constitute a list of sites recognized by the UNESCO.

Zacatecas, often called a city with a “Rostro de Piedra” or “Corazon de la Plata” (Stone Face or Silver Heart), has a lot more to offer. Its people, its traditions, and its diverse edifications will definitely fascinate you.

Sincerely, I invite you to visit this pebbled city and to discover its beautiful historic downtown district surrounded by allies, to revive its colonial influence, and to let yourself flow through a journey into one of the most fascinating cities in Mexico.